When The Sorry Kisses Got Hitched..

I recently went to see my cool-as-hell aunt and partner get married! They're both singer/songwriters and have many different impressive fingers in impressive pies.. for example they're both singer/songwriter's of their own.. 

..they're both part of a duo called 'The Sorry Kisses'

and Sam is part of Nine Black Alps! (cool, huh?!)

Oh.. and Hayley collaborated with Benjamin Francis Leftwich on a couple songs on his album.. No Big Deal..... ;)

So anyway, the amazing photographer Andy Gaines put up his photo's last night and because they're so wonderful i thought i'd share them! 
They're so eclectic and personal, he states on his site that he aims 'to produce beautiful, creative and unique photography that tells the story of, and those little stories within, your wedding day' and that's exactly what he did! Nobody had to pose or feel awkward, he managed to capture emotions and the general atmosphere of the day which was magical, full of love and perfect. I'm sure that Hayley, Sam and the rest of the family are going to cherish the album and i'm going to order a couple of prints to frame as they're wonderful!


The beautiful bride and below, the pouting groom!

They were greeted by a civil war re-enactment! They were practicing for the actual thing a day later and offered to do a guard of honor for the bride and groom, it was fantastic and had everyone beaming with smiles. The actual wedding was at Sewerby Hall in Sewerby, near Bridlington in North Yorkshire. A humble yet stunning place, the pictures show a glimpse of the rolling hills in the background and the sun that day!
They were married in an orangery and walked the aisle together. Ps the best man is touring with The Cribs as their guitarist, oooh!!

 Here ^ my sister and I were caught through the window just after the ceremony looking rather elegant drinking champagne! A moment captured, so sweet! Buying this print for sure.

My sister, my newly-wed aunt (now Mrs Forrest - so cute!) and myself! Buying this print also, it's so lovely i honestly fill with happiness looking at this. What a gorgeous bunch eh ;)


I wore a bodycon dress from Topshop, Shoes from Dorothy Perkins and denim studded gilet from All Saints.

 These three pictures above are so gorgeous, I really can't express how happy they make me. The pictures capture their relationship so perfectly. I love the ethereal effects, god aren't these images perfect!?

We then went back to my grandparents house and beautifully decorated garage/tent in the perfect little Yorkshire village of Thwing! (My granddad is part of a village band called 'The Thultans Of Thwing' - a play on the band The Sultans of Swing just.. a little more lisp-y.)

We thought that this fella looked just like Serge from Kasabian. We fell in love a little. It was a wedding, can't blame the romantic vibes filling the room!
Once we had eaten the most gorgeous salmon wraps, various stews, salads, kebab's and melon balls the tables were pushed aside and the disco lights were switched on.

My granddad with my two cousins, my sister & myself. I suppose we kind of do look alike don't we!

All in all, it was the most wonderful and artistic wedding! If i get married later in life (fingers crossed) I hope that Mr Gaines is still photographing as I won't settle for anything less than the excellent images he creates, they're so enchanting!

M xo


  1. These pictures are amazing. Love the simple artistic 'hipster' theme to the wedding :)

    Valentina de Pertis

    1. I know, right! The photographer did an amazing job and you're right it was that sort of theme :)


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