Sunday Summary

So much has happened already this week! I was planning on saving all the stuff up till Sunday.. howeverr.. everything seems to have gotten massive all of a sudden.

Awoken at 8.30 by my lovely friend, Amaia. She and I went to le Tanning booth and got ourselves all bronzed up! But not before having a lovely cuppa and a catch up.

Myself & Amaia
Was awake at 7.00 today, interesting thing actually, considering I love my sleep! Unfortunately, I received some bad news this morning so my day started on a downer, but there are times in life where you have to realise that, no matter what life throws at you, you're going to be okay. 

BUT, today, I had a job interview.. however I can't say what company its for due to my huge superstition! I really really struggled with what to wear, I cant be too formal, I cant be really really casual.. oh and did i mention that it was about 30 degrees for the FIRST TIME THIS YEAR. So i went with a standard black maxi & a blazer, quite chic and cool enough to not collapse with heat exhaustion..

Today we also got Yearbooks, it's finally starting to hit people that we're getting near the end. Its all quite frightening, but also really really exciting! It also means that Prom is only about a week away! Its always really hard to think of what to write in peoples yearbooks, you don't wanna be generic yet you cant be selfish and take up half a page of valuable space. It's a time for 'goodbyes' and 'good lucks' & the whole 'keep in touch' stuff! I must admit that I find it hard to know what to write in peoples books, I wanna thank them for everything yet not sound ridiculous or OTT.  I'll keep you updated with how it goes!

Like I mentioned earlier, today has been one of the hottest days for what seems like ever.  It was even hot enough for me to lay in the Garden for an hour at 4pm and actually change colour (thank you sun-beds for your support in this change). I decided to treat myself to a Crabbies, a lovely alcoholic -cider type- ginger beer- ginger beer has been something of a favourite of mine since I was 5. (non alcoholic of course.) I was also joined by my beautiful dog Mollie, who decided that laying on a flower pot was an appropriate place to chill.   

I found spraying water on my legs helped develop the colour!

Considerate! (hi tatttoo!)
One mother of a hot day! I've gotta thank my sunbed or I would've been a crisp! Had my penultimate lesson for english&media. THEN, went to the Percy Arms in Chilworth with two of my galpals. It was burned down a few months ago, sadly. But, the new renovations are amazing! It was the perfect atmosphere for a chill & a drink. I don't know how much the drinks-alcoholwise- were, I was designated so it was a pretty sober occasion. Coke was £2 and a bowl of chips was pretty expensive, the bowls were pretty small and it cost me £2.95

I had my last ever Sociology lesson with Mrs D. We all brought in breakfast stuff, it was really nice and chilled 2 hours and its made me realise how much I'm gunna miss everything next year!
Then after that myself, Aimee, Amaia, Sami, Lucy, Hazelcakes and JessGal went to Guildford Lido. Its a really nice outdoor pool and the weather was actually hot enough to not mind how completely freezing the pool was!

Last ever Friday of school!
Had a few of the girlies round for the first BBQ of the Summer! Definitely made me realise that being a chef is NOT my dream job! It's still really hot and sticky, everyones burning.. even mia!

Sat & Sun were spent at work!

Things I've bought the past few weeks & a shmall reason as to why!
Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. Literally one of the most blogged about products and one of my go-to things, it removes ALL your makeup and makes your face feel fresh! It's not cheap, but the quality reflects it!

Superga FlipFlops- TKMAXX BITCHES. Literally have developed a small obsession with these shoes, I reckon they'll be the new 'vans'.

It's yearbook time, also a sharpie is useful in many 'call me maybe' situations!

Got this in a Glossybox (yes, I love) and I realllly want to know where you can find one to buy!?

This is Anya Hindmarch, its a small pouch pocket. I was originally planning on using this as a clutch bag but I changed my mind, it now stores my HOF Lanyard, Car Keys, Headphones, Paracetamol and Plasters! Crazy! It was £85 and you can buy it in a variety of colours!

Stationary is my weakness, I feel sorry for myself when i buy these things, but I love notebooks!
(£2.50 Paperchase)

Coconut is just the staple smell of the summerrrr! It reminds me of suncream and being on holiday! so when i've been tanning its lovely to whack on after a cool shower. I got this as part of a set for Christmas, so i shall be buying more when i get paid. Definitely prefer body lotion to body butter, I just find the butter a bit too sticky in this weather :(


My new bikini and shorts from le Top of le Shop.
Coral really brings out the tan i've been working on and the shorts are just too damn cool and ombre. Love them!

Ciao For Now.
Amy xo


  1. Sounds like a busy week you had! I randomly found your blog on tumblr and I gotta say you guys have such a cute blog!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

    1. thankyou so much for taking the time to read & comment! :)
      we're just getting into the swing of this blogging business!
      keep reading, there will be more to come!
      much love, Amy xx


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