10 interesting facts about Miamy!

Hello! The title gives away this post! 10 interesting facts about Miamy! (Mia & Amy = Miamy). P.s - Sorry about the overload of pout's. P.p.s feel free to leave comments! :)

So, let's begin with ME.

10 interesting facts about Mia. 

10. I'm a short ass.

9. Iced Tea (peach) & Sweet Tea are welcome in my belly every day.

8. The White Stripes are my favorite band, ever.

7. Myself & Amy share an overwhelming urge to explore america!

6. My little sister is AWESOME, fact. P.s she is also called Amy.

5. I am uncontrollably in love with my schnauzer puppy, Alfie. He turned 1 in may '12 but he'll always be a little fuzzy pup.

4. My second home is Scarborough, North Yorkshire. 1 half of my family live there, i spent most summers there growing up & it's become my personal catharsis.

3. I often sit and watch youtubers! My favourite two are Grav3yard Girl & So Totally Vlog - so addictive!!

2. The first conversation I ever had with Amy (other half of Miamy) was comforting her after her hamster had died! (rip!)

1. I am a tv-series FANATIC. Honestly, I watch an embarassing amount of tv series'. I think my top 5 are True Blood, Fringe, Glee, 90210 aaandd Buffy. OR DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. OR TWO BROKE GIRLS. AAH.

10 interesting facts about Amy.

10. I dream of being a paramedic one day. I’m quite a fidget and I suppose the idea of each day being different really appeals to me, its also more practical. Since I’m not incredibly academic, it’d be fun!

9. I have a very addictive personality, so maybe the tattoo I got wasn’t a great idea considering that I liked it so much that I want an anchor on my wrist and a dreamcatcher on my bicep.

8. I have a thing for older men.  Simon Cowell has to be a particular favourite. It may also help their cause if they’re wearing a suit, because there is nothing hotter than a guy in a suit.

7. I have an OBSESSION with writing lists. I think its more of a control issue, I love having things written down for permanence more than anything. Also its really nice to look back at what you were thinking.

6. I’ve got a very realistic attitude to food and exercise. I believe that life’s too short to be on a diet 24/7 and I really resent people that try and force that idea.

5. I’ve got the travelbug. Wanderlust. Whatever you call it, I’ve got this weird obsession with airports and travel. Also a huge pull towards California. 

4. I often get compared to Miley Cyrus. This was more often when I had longer hair, however since she cut her hair short people tend to say it more! 

3. I love black and white photos, I think you capture the raw essence of a person when you take away the colour. Its like seeing into their soul!

2. I don't have any particular talents. I cant cook, once I tried making slutty brownies but forgot to put the egg in the pre-mixed recipe. However, my speciality is beans on toast with scrambled eggs with cheese ☺

1. I’m terrible at saving money. Which is why this Gap Year will probably turn into a Gap Decade before I can afford everything! 

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