It's been a while...

Hello! So a couple month's back in late September I (Mia) packed my life away into the back of my car and set off on a 3-and-a-bit hour journey from my home in the safe bubble of surrey to the COLD extreme's of Yorkshire- said to be 1 degree colder than surrey however it feels like I step into a freezer each time i venture outside! I do love Yorkshire, however.

It was the strangest feeling carting my belongings downstairs and piling them into the car... especially as it left my room so empty and lonely! 
The sandwich toaster you see there was a gift from my grandparents and I can't advise any more to anyone starting university to ask for one of these.. honestly a godsend on a cold, hungry evening when all you have is some bread and cheese.

We arrived, we set up my room, said our farewells and then I was left, alone.
 Now was time to introduce myself to everyone - eeep. 
Looking back, I honestly have no idea why I was so worried about this part of starting university! Everybody was in the same boat and so happy and eager to meet new people.
 It was such a refreshing feeling to meet so many lovely, open, funny people in my halls and as time went on I also met people from my course and neighboring halls who are also lovely!
 There's such a wide variety of people from different backgrounds so conversations never get dull. Something that i've found really great is that there's always somebody there to speak to, watch a film with, go into town with or to go out partying!

It's true what people say about the social life at university.. it's non-stop, every night. There's always an event on a monday, friday and/or saturday and we often go to most! 
The drinks up here are so cheap compared to good ol' Surrey! On a monday it's £1 drinks all night. On a saturday it's £1.75 drinks all night. Amazing!!


It's also true what people say about 'finding yourself' and showing who you really are. There is no doubt about it. I am, and always will be, the one who takes AWFUL pictures...


Where I am now..

The past few weeks have been a blur of new faces, lectures, parties, seminars, hangovers, fancy dress, clubs, excitement, love, anger, a couple of missed lectures and a lot of fuzzy 'I DID THAT?!' moments.

I'm currently in the middle of assignments, partying, being absolutely skint, meeting more and more people, block parties, house parties, UV parties, foam parties... University is the best decision I've ever made and i urge everybody to attend.

Until next time... (a very tired yet content) M xo


50 Shades of Grey

On Saturday, I walked into a conversation between my manager and one of my colleagues, my manager was going on and on about this book she'd read.. and how AMAZING it was.. she told us a few bits from the story and how she couldn't put the book down! Unfortunately, being an English Literature student, I've come to hate the idea of reading. More because all the reading tends to be accompanied by analysis of every. single. word. I don't tend to take recommendations of books, I never read all the Harry Potter books and I HATED Twilight. But for some reason I was compelled to purchase this trilogy. 

50 Shades of Grey50 Shades Darker & 50 Shades Freed
Waterstones had a 25% off offer so I thought I'd take advantage and buy all three. I picked up the book that evening.. knowing parts of the plot here and there and settled down to read it. It was 2am before I decided that I had to put the book down at Chapter 17. 

EL James did a fantastic job at writing a book that got you hooked. Some parts really do scream Twilight, but you forget about that because you just want to know what happens next. The characters, Christian and Ana, are quite relatable- or you probably know someone just like them!
Many people have also criticised this book for being quite graphic. I won't lie, it's not for the faint hearted- and I definitely wouldn't let my little sister (16) read it- but because its a good'un you can kinda roll your eyes and skim read over the sex scenes. 50 shades has been a remarkable success, many celebrities have read the book, I have personally and Mia wants to borrow it from me when I see her next and even the lady at my local sunbed shop was reading it. 

Books are quite a personal thing, you use your own life experiences to interpret the story in your own way. So what may be harrowing to one person, may not affect another at all.  So my reccomendation is to go buy a copy, or borrow one off a friend?! Just read it and make your minds up yourself!


Prom fever!

Hola Amigos!

Apologies for taking so long to post, we've both been desperately cramming in every last piece of information we can for our A2 exams and we've been trying to find a spare moment to blog about our end of college prom!

After weeks of arranging houses/makeup/hair appointments, running around & searching high and low to find the perfect dress, we finally made it to May 31st. To celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, Amy bought us both friendship necklaces from Thomas Sabo - what a beautiful baaabe!!

I (Amy) picked Mia up at 10 and we headed STRAIGHT to Starbucks for a calorific cream-filled cup of frappuccino goodness to keep us going!

We both booked our hair-up's at Rush. They normally do a hair-up starting at £47, and we discovered that we can get student discount (20% is nothing to be sniffed at!) so each ended up paying about £40ish for it. We had some lovely girls doing our hair, they made a great job and brought us some trashy magazines to flick through whilst they began the magic!

Myself and Mia went for the beachy/wavy look, we have no makeup so 'scuse our butters faces. 

We had some time to kill between hair and make-up (allowing our hair time to drop for the finished effect) so we wandered around some shops and met our good friend Lucy at spoons for some food!

Then we went to MAC in House of Fraser for our make-up. We both wanted fairly medium coverage, a pink lip and eyes that POPPED as we both have fairly large eyes that can get away with a little drama ;).

I (Amy) went for a gold smokey eye to compliment my black dress. The gold also complimented my sun-kissed skin from using sunbeds in the weeks leading up (which I, mia, was very worried about as it would have been hilarious disastrous if she had gone red!)


after. GOSH my face is not flattering (M)
Amy - The makeup artist used number 3 lashes on me which i highly recommend. I couldn't help but buy the  lipstick used, which was Creme d'Nude, and I also bought some glittery body oil which is in the new 'hey sailor' range. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It's such a great 'going out' product, it gives you that really glittery party glow to your skin.

Mia - As my eye makeup and eyebrows were so bold, I didn't have any lashes as it'd be too much especially with the bright pink lip. I loved the drama of my face and this picture doesn't do it justice haha. The pictures later on, once dressed up, definitely show my face off much better! I also bought my lipstick which was 'snob'.

We then went to our friend Jess' for the pre-prom. Everyone looked so amazing, it was such a gorgeous way to end a 7-year transgression from shy little things in year 7 to now, leaving college and entering the real world (eep!) I'll post a few photos of the girls, hope they all don't mind but they all looked so stunning I just can't help myself! 

Above and below are pictures of the back of my dress and SHOES! I was/am still totally in love with the cut of my dress, the cut out shape is a heart - so sweet! Also the incredible wedges will have a place in my heart, forever.

 We didn't take many pictures inside as it was a little too dark and we were too busy chatting with our friends, dancing the night away and drinking. A lot. I (M) did manage to take a few quick snaps inside, as it was too pretty to be avoided! Here is a charming picture of Amy & our friend Amaia after a few drinks, however..!

all the girls, top left to bottom right
myself, amaia, katie, romilly
emily, vicki, emilyed, jessgal, ashley, elouise, evie
hazel, kate, mia, kirsten
sami, lucy & ashleigh.
all the gorgeous girls <3
miamy <3



oh yeah, i definitely fell over after the first 2 steps into the school car-park. Grazed my knee and adorned a fetching plaster for a few hours!

I love this photo (A).

And I love this one! (M) (It's my boyfriend & I)

So there you have it! We both hope you enjoy reading this post and looking at the pictures as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you. Until next time... M & A xo

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