smooth seas never made for a skilled sailor!

the title today is inspired by a quote i found whilst on pinterest- its a brilliant site if you're looking for inspiration/ideas/somewhere to put your thoughts/post photos.

so its coming to the end of an era; 
glee is finishing soon
desperate housewives is finished (btw i predicted the ending like 5 episodes before)
and our schooling is nearly complete.

it is some scary shit,
hopefully mia's off to Uni, but if she fucks it up she's more than welcome to come travelling with me (hint hint hint hint)

so what have i been up to recently?
  • well a couple of weeks ago, i made failed at making slutty brownies.. thats where you have cookie dough, Oreos and brownie mix in one delicious moosh. nom. i was on FaceTime to Mia, wasn't paying attention and forgot to add a crucial egg to the recipe. what a nobend.
  • i've been studying hard for my a2 exams which are coming up next month, just chillin' and revising hard, i keep changing my mind about the next few years but i think its just stress.. BUT ITS ALL GRAVY.
  • i've started going on sun beds- now here we go, its always the same thing 'skin cancer' this and 'wrinkles' that.. well if i'm honest, i can definitely outweigh the negatives with a few personal positives. I went on ONE, for 5 minutes, not long at all.. i did go slightly red (as expected) but i also found a major change in my skin, its so much clearer now.. which helps with not having to wear any makeup for the next few weeks, secondly, i've been told i look so much more healthy with a tan- i've been so ill recently, horrible, and the vitamin D from the sun beds actually makes me feel better. Also, after having a spat with depression last year, the rays actually help boost the serotonin levels? or something like that chemically.. and I'm actually feeling happier.. so ner. 

so today i shared an ice lolly with my dog, it was gross, never ever again. 

this is my prom dress, i know a lot of people don't post photos of their dresses for fear of people seeing them before prom. but A- i look hideous.. B- the photos aren't great and C- not that many people read this anyway!
i did buy a clutch for this dress, but its not the one i wanted.. but i worked out that the money i shall be getting next month may mean a special treat for myself ;) IF ANYONES READING THIS THAT KNOWS WHAT IT IS IM SO HOPEFUL ITS UNREAL. 

& this is mia's dress, isn't she a beaut?!

we're both getting makeup done at M.A.C at 3.30&4, due to its reputation for being the best of the best, i may go for a classic red lippy and a sexy eye kinda look.. or more of a california katy perry look..
and we're getting our hair done at 11.45, which leaves like 3 hours in-between the appointments, enough time to go for drinks at 5&L or somewhere.. we may take our dresses and get changed between hair and makeup and just go straight to the pre-prom. we'll have to see! don't worry, photos will be in abundance for all to gawp at. (loljk)

i felt very inspired by Mias last post (Haul-elooyah or something) and I can't wait to go shopping and do my own. Believe me, i'm a girl that can definitely shop. Me and Mia have our own individual styles, i'm more androgynous/boring as fuck and she's more like 'indie' but her own kind of indie not the generic term. 
may go shopping on prom day, but i wouldn't wanna stress myself out too much now would i ;)

but for now, its 1.13am and I have english with mr taylor in about 7 hours and 15 minutes. 
sweet dreams babies <3
A- xox


  1. Dresses look awesome! Make sure you post pics when you've got your hair & makeup all 'did'! x

    1. EEE thankyou, we definately shall! I had a phonecall from amy and we both squealed that you'd commented! :D xx


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