THIS, is the beautiful haul i purchased today! Our local town centre has been refurbished and many new shops added such as Urban Outfitters, Hollister and a HUGE Topshop (it's beautiful!!). So in a true gluttonous fashion i shall share with you (few, but lovely) followers each piece and thoughts on them. Enjoy?


We wanted to be out of the house quickly so i left my hair loose and threw on some stuff, i'm SO into the 90's grunge styling at the moment.. i've always loved this style and now that high street stores have introduced the GEM of a style onto their rack i am lapping it up. The denim jacket was my mum's when she was my age, the t-shirt is OBEY (given as a gift from a pro-skater.. nbd), the top (worn underneith) is an old, old, old topshop number and the leggings are primark! A little fuzzy fella popped in to say during photo number 2.

My first stop was primark. I went in thinking 'I WANT GRUNGE. AND I WANT TROPICANA.' I think i did pretty well!! ...


& me wearing them!
Way no1 I plan on wearing it.

Way no2 i plan on wearing it.
LOVE this skirt, never worn anything like it before and it just screams 90's bandgeek doesn't it?!!!!
& don't let me forget this cute as hell playsuit pjama number!

So then i headed to Topshop and i struck G.O.L.D..
For an upcoming very special event which i'm sure myself and Amy will spam this blog with pictures of!! ;)
I also got these pretty pieces..

I got this little number and i decided to show you guys the different ways i plan to wear it! Obviously i'll post outfits of the day when i DO though ;) I was very inspired by Hunter S. Thompson & fear and loathing in las vegas... i'm having another filmgeek moment. 

And finally, some other things i've picked up & wanted to share :)

Until next time, M xo

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