'if theres a sock on the zip, do not come in!' - Amy


Facts about us:
-Neither of us are natural blondes, so we've had interesting trips to the hairdressers with foils in our hair.

-We are both social media queens.
follow us on twitter!

& instagram!

-Our favourite blogs include
the blonde salad.

-We both went and got spontaneous tattoos! (and will hopefully get more!)

We recently decided that giving a blog a go seemed like quite a good idea!

the next few months should be pretty exciting for us;
 we've got some stewarding lined up. codename: egg and bacon.
we've got a promotional photoshoot in a studio in London which we got scouted for!
we've got reading festival coming up - if i ever get round to getting a ticket aha.
we've got prom! photos from that shall be in abundance.

Let the games begin!
- Amy ox

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